Are you aware that there is a scientifically proven treatment that can have powerful anti-aging effects on your skin, increase fat loss, combat neurological disease, fight depression and anxiety, speed recovery from exercise, increase strength and endurance, combat certain autoimmune conditions, fight hair loss and speed healing from injury – all with little to no side effects?  If people were aware of it, hundreds of millions of people would want their doctors to prescribe it and it would be called a “miracle.”   

 So, the crazy part is that it does exist, but it is not a “magic pill” like most people seek to fix their ailments, but the proper dose and wavelength of LIGHT, called red and near-infrared light therapy.

Red and near-infrared light therapy is one of the biggest break-through discoveries in health in the last half century. Scientists have accumulated thousands of studies on the power of red and near-infrared light to enhance human health for the last several decades.  Maybe you have heard how NASA started using it in the 1990’s to grow plants during shuttle missions.  Once it was discovered that these lights also affected human cells, the technology was refined to help astronauts maintain muscle and bone mass and to treat chronic wounds.

Red and near-infrared light therapy, or as you may see it commonly referred to as photobiomodulation therapy (PMBT) or low-level laser/light therapy (LLLT) have grown into entire fields of research.  The scientific evidence has grown to several thousand studies over the last few decades, and these light treatments are now working their way into doctor’s offices and anti-aging clinics all around the world.  And to make it even more exciting, red and near-infrared (NIR) light therapy devices have been FDA-approved for several purposes including anti-aging, hair loss reversal, acne treatment, pain relief, slow to heal wounds, fat loss among others.   This is especially important since the therapy must be proven safe and effective in the trials to gain FDA approval.

Still, most people, including doctors, have never heard of it or have assumed that they won’t be able to find it near them or at a cost they can afford.

There are a few reasons why this therapy has not spread like wildfire.  One is that the general public views this treatment as something only the rich and famous can afford.  This technology has been in use in doctor’s offices for many years and goes by the name of either “low-level laser therapy” (LLLT) or “cold laser.”  The devices used can cost thousands of dollars, some even over $100,000.  Also, red and near-infrared LED panels are being used in fancy anti-aging clinics and people are being charged up to $300 per single session. 

The technology has advanced so much in the last decade that these devices are becoming more available.  But don’t be fooled, there are lots of red LED lights for sale on Amazon and eBay that claim to have health benefits…but there is a crucial piece of information you need to know:  Virtually ALL of these devices, even the ones that cost hundreds of dollars, are generally underpowered, too small, and ultimately ineffective or very time-consuming to use, or both.   

 Red Light Therapy of WNY has tirelessly researched all the panels available on the market today and has chosen the lights that are the global industry leader in the design and manufacturing of ultra-high- powered LED panels.   Our lights emit the highest amount of irradiance than any other LED therapy light panel on the market today.  This allows the consumer the best result in the shortest amount of time.   We did all the research and therefore have taken all the guesswork out of it for our clients. 


The lights used at Red Light Therapy of WNY are used and endorsed by more medical professionals, universities and governmental agencies than any other LED company, including:

Our mission at Red Light Therapy of WNY is to provide treatments to our clients with the very best Red and NIR light devices at an affordable price (with individual treatments costing about the same, or less, as an insurance copay).  We want everybody to be able to experience our healing “Rays of Hope” for a healthier and better version of themselves!