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There are many versatile packages to fit your needs.  Keep in mind that most results are seen after a series of treatments.  It is recommended that you use the lights 2-3 times per week for several weeks for the best outcome.


Full Body Treatment – This treatment is for someone who would like overall body healing. The light is large enough to reach head to ankles in most clients.  This option has a private locked room for changing clothes.  Some people use this option for:

  • immune boosting
  • pain relief
  • improved circulation
  • fat loss/cellulite reduction
  • reduce inflammation
  • improve overall skin health
  • improve muscle recovery and athletic performance
  • sleep enhancement

Targeted Treatment – This treatment is for someone who is targeting one smaller need.  This light will cover 3’ or less.  This option has a private space with curtain closure.  Some people use this option for:

  • Facial treatments for wrinkle reduction, rosacea, psoriasis
  • Easing anxiety/depression
  • Healing wounds or sports injuries (people often heal in half the time and treatment is shorter term)
  • Speeding recovery after surgery
  • Helping to heal traumatic brain injury or to slow progression of dementia due to Alzheimers/Parkinsons.


Full Body Packages:               Regular Price             Grand Re-Opening Special

6 sessions(2 weeks)               $149.00                        $129.00  Buy

9 sessions(3 weeks)               $199.00                         $179.00 Buy

12 sessions(4 weeks)             $249.00                         $199.00(3 free sessions) Buy


Targeted Treatment Packages:    Regular Price      Grand Re-Opening Special

6 sessions(2 weeks)                            $129.00             $109.00 Buy

9 sessions(3 weeks)                            $159.00              $139.00 Buy

12 sessions(4 weeks)                          $199.00              $159.00(3 free sessions) Buy


All appointments are 15 minutes.  10 minutes of light treatment and 5 minutes for changing clothes as needed. Appointments are every 15 minutes so please be on time to respect the appointments of others.

Once payment is made, all sessions can be reserved in the “Book Appointment” tab.

All payments are made on-line.

We do not accept cash or checks.  We do not offer refunds for unused sessions.

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